What is a Hitbox?
A hitbox is an invisible box-like area that when penetrated, counts as a “hit”. An important model across all games, it registers the killshot we chase.
What is Hitbox Energy and would it enhance my gameplay?
Hitbox Energy’s formulation is packed with the highest quality ingredients along with brain boosting supplements a.k.a. nootropics to give you the effects we want to elevate: Speed, Energy, Focus, and Reflex.

15 Calories per Serving, Zero Sugar, and Naturally Flavored
Does Hitbox keep their ingredients a secret?
We believe in full transparency as you’ll see in our label and ingredients.

As a team of gamers alike, we choose to display what we put in our body as should you.
What makes Hitbox Energy better than the other guys?
Hitbox Energy not only was created from scratch. It went through trials of formulations to ensure we give the best effects to further elevate our gameplay.
This product was built by Gamers, for Gamers. And we don’t miss.
Not only do our products have high quality ingredients that support each trait, our flavors are engineered to taste second to none.
How long does Hitbox Energy take to work? And how long does it last?
After drinking your Hitbox Energy, the active ingredients will begin to do it’s thing immediately. We’ve paired our formulation with inhibitors to create fast-acting energy, while on consistent smooth levels.
High stimulation, with zero crash or jitters will provide extended gameplay and focus.
Nootropics are like any supplement or vitamins you will take. Not only does it work immediately, it only gets better over time. Trust the process. Over the course of time, you’ll feel your brain firing faster, smoother, and like a well oiled machine.
Is Hitbox Energy safe for everyone?
Health is wealth. We strived to ensure that our products are safe to drink for everyone! Hitbox Energy is Naturally Flavored*, Vegan & Keto Friendly, Gluten Free, and contains zero sugar or carbohydrates. Each key ingredient was chosen through countless trials to ensure the benefits are there and only those that are backed with science proven to elevate your game. Everyone’s dietary needs are different, if you feel unsure, we recommend reaching out to your physician on whether or not this product is for you. For those who are required to watch their caffeine intake, we recommend consulting with your physician before doing so.
Is Hitbox Energy Cheaper than others?
If you compare our products with many others, we not only are competitive and cheaper in pricing but we offer more for the community. Our product offers 40 servings for tub $0.82 per serving whereas others charge upwards from $1 per serving. To give you added benefits of joining us to Hitting your Mark, we offer FREE SHIPPING on all orders within the U.S.
How do I use Hitbox Energy?
Either utilize our Shaker Bottles or upgrade to the Full-Auto Shaker Bottle, Utilize the scooper in our Tub that’s specifically designed to fit one full serving. Add 6-8 fluid ounces of water, and close the lid and shake! Zero Mess, Zero Waste, it’s ready to go and get you hitting your marks. For general preferences, feel free to add more water or less water depending on the overall strength of your serving.
What does Hitbox Energy Taste Like?
We pride ourselves in not only producing an effective product, but it has to taste like nothing else out there. Our flavors are meticulously crafted with our background in flavor engineering to produce the BEST tasting products on the market.
What ingredients are in Hitbox Energy?
Learn more about what’s inside by visiting our ingredients page. Tried and True, our ingredients were specifically chosen to provide the ultimate effects and we aim to deliver on that promise. We’ve added zero fluff, zero fillers, and provide zero B.S.
How much caeine is in Hitbox Energy?
In comparison to majority of the energy supplements and/or products on the market, we re rated at the highest. We need to pack the punch to deliver the instant effects you need. Hitbox Energy provides 250mg per serving of caffeine derived from Natural Organic Green Tea.
How much Hitbox Energy can I take?
The Food & Drug Administration (FDA) recommends an adult to not exceed 400 mg of caffeine per day. Please ensure to read the label prior to taking Hitbox Energy, and if unsure consult with your physician.
Are Hitbox Energy Products FDA Approved?
Hitbox Energy is a dietary supplement and is not a drug. Unlike other medications and/or drugs, which require approval by the Food & Drug Administration (FDA), dietary supplements are not required to go through the approval process by the FDA.
Are Hitbox Energy Products manufactured in a safe environment?
All Hitbox Energy products are manufactured in an ISO 9001 accredited facility with GMP Standards, which do undergo routine FDA Inspections. We provide the best, so expect the best.


Can I get sponsored by Hitbox Energy?
We’re open to all aspects of gamers of all genres to join our community. Please visit our ambassadors page to submit an application form!
Why be a part of the Hitbox Energy Community?
Not only will this benefit you, but you’ll be part of something bigger. You’ll be able to engage with the community in more intimate ways as a team because that’s what we’re about. We love the community, and it should be unified. You’ll receive all exclusive merchandise, promotions, and discounts on all purchases. We’ll expand and help you grow your network and channel.
Is there a baseline of followers and etc to be able to join the Hitbox Energy Community?
Whether you have 1,000 followers & subscribes or 100,000, this makes no difference to us. If you believe in the product, and what it’s done for you and want to be rewarded for it we’re the right community for you.
Is there an Affiliate Program?
Our aliate program will be performed through ShareaSale with tracking and promotions so that the data is visible for the both of us. Growth is Key! We’ll provide and outt you as part of the team to spread awareness and encourage everyone to Hit your Mark!


What are Hitbox Rewards?
Hitbox Rewards are our exclusive loyalty program for all Hitbox Energy Members. Sign up and Join us, and activate your Rewards Account in order to earn perks, rewards, discounts, and referring your friends to try Hitbox Energy. Once you’ve earned points you can either trade them for additional discounts (one can be used per purchase) or use them to get exclusive merchandise.
Does it take a long time to earn points?
We’re here to breed winners. With that being said, we want you to win. It’s very easy to gain points per purchase and/or referring your friends and family. However, we decided to give set-up our rewards system so that in FACT you are rewarded. It won’t take you a lifetime to unlock that next item, our rewards system is built so that you’re able to gain more points quickly.
I’ve earned Hitbox Rewards Points, but they haven’t been added?
The points you receive after making purchase can take up to 15 minutes to register into your account once you have completed your transaction. Points you may receive for referrals are awarded once the referred person has completed their purchase of the Referral Offer and Link you’ve provided, this can take up to 15 minutes to register. Points you receive for leaving a Yotpo review must be verified before the points can be awarded. This may take up to 48 hours to register on your Elite Account once your review is submitted. If you have any issues with your Rewards, please contact support@hitboxenergy.com.